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Payment Systems: Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve Reviews- Liberty Reserve Payment Service
Liberty Reserve is a reliable payment system and web currency. It provides the possibility of sending and receipt of funds all over the world. One of the features of Liberty reserve is elimination of risk and fraud.

Other features are lack of charge backs, high bank commissions, defaults and bad checks. Liberty Reserve users can perform online payments easily and rapidly. Liberty Reserve is an easy-to-use, profitable and secure payment system.

Official site: libertyreserve.com

egoldcomplex 20 Jul `11

As soon as I discovered that over $600 was stolen out of my LR account, I got onto a live chat. That person told me to submit a ticket to their abuse dept. which I did immediately. 24 hours later, when I still had heard nothing, I submitted another ticket. 24 hours after that I got onto another live chat. I was told then that their abuse dept. was \"in training\". COME ON!!! I submitted yet another ticket. The next day I got onto another live chat & was told to be patient - I might not hear back from them for a month. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! I am posting my experience every where I can find on the internet so people know that (1) your money is NOT safe in LR and (2) they don\'t give a rat\'s you-know-what.

dlbcamper 23 Apr `12