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Banks: HSBC Bank

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HSBC Holdings plc is a worldwide corporation providing financial services. Its headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.

In 2010 Forbes magazine ranked HSBC as the world's biggest banking and financial services group as well as the world's 8th largest company. HSBC was established as The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Hong Kong was the first bank’s headquarters until 1992. Moving to London was the term of acquisition of Midland Bank. In August 2010 it was included into the FTSE as the largest company with a market capitalization totalling £115.8 billion.

Official site: www.hsbc.com

I had been the client of the Swiss branch of this bank, until malefactors stole the clients’ database and sold it to governments of some countries. A bank, which cannot ensure safety of confidential information of its clients, cannot be called a bank at all.
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