Our rules

  1. The user cannot leave more than one report on a certain company.
  2. Registration of several names by one user is prohibited.
  3. The user cannot leave a short comment. You can express your opinion in the commentary field. The report shall be full and reasonable, it is necessary to describe the situation in detail.
  4. The user cannot leave a report on companies with which he or she did not collaborate and know them only by hearsay.
  5. Offensive messages, threats, calumny, links to obscene websites, racist statements and fomentation of international discord are prohibited.
  6. Advertising messages and messages calling to visit any website are prohibited. If use of links is necessary, please, describe your situation in detail and place the link in the end. In any case it is prohibited to place links to competitive resources.
  7. The official language of communication at the website is English. Messages in other languages are not desired and may be deleted. Illiterate messages are not desired and may be deleted.
  8. Messages not relating to the discussion and without sense are prohibited.
  9. The user agrees that the website administrators are entitled to delete or edit any message at their discretion.

Users violating these rules will be deleted. All reports and comments violating these rules will be deleted.