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Dealing Centers (FOREX): Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets offers access to online trading on Forex, as well as in areas such as stock trading, futures and commodities, complete information about the financial markets in real time and also provide software that allows to trade with the computer or the phone from anywhere in the world. Admiral Markets Offices are located in more than 20 countries around the world, so we really are a global broker.

Admiral Markets offers training seminars and courses. They are held at the offices of the company by e-mail and even over the phone. These programs are designed so that you have acquired the theoretical knowledge and trading skills that will apply to Forex and other financial markets. Admiral Markets also publishes special education literature and brochures in various languages. Simple educational materials you can find on our site.

Admiral Markets is the world's largest competition of traders - ForexBall ™! We hold it every year, each season consists of five separate rounds, the winners of which receive cash prizes. In the final round involved the strongest traders - winners of previous rounds (the first four in each year), which compete for the best trader in the world. To learn more, visit the official website ForexBall.

Official site: www.fxservice.com

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