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Dealing Centers (FOREX): FINAM

FINAM Reviews- FINAM Forex Trade

FINAM LIMITED provides a full range of services in the international financial markets. It comes as a market FOREX, and on foreign stock exchanges. Now customers FINAM LIMITED are available on the operation of all major world exchanges. In addition, the responsibility.

FINAM LIMITED included work with foreign investors interested in investing in Russian assets. In particular, FINAM LIMITED provides services to clients from Armenia - his partner (sub-broker) acts Armenian investment company Armenbrok.
FINAM LIMITED engaged not only in customer service, but also to develop new services for them. In particular, he oversees the creation of special versions of commercial programs that meet the needs of investors, development of training activities (in conjunction with a training center FINAM), preparation of various analytical materials, the development of relations with foreign exchanges.

Official site: www.finam.eu

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