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Payment Systems: e-Gold

e-Gold Reviews- e-Gold Payment Service
e-gold Ltd. was created in Nevis, West Indies, as the General Contractor responsible for fulfillment of conditions of the e-gold Account User Agreement. Pursuant to its Articles of Association e-gold bears no risk in relation to exchange. Such clarity further assures e-gold's independence from finality of settlement and default risk.

e-gold was developed by Gold & Silver Reserve (G&SR), Inc., a Delaware Corporation, as an Internet payment system in 1996. In January 2000 issuance and Settlement responsibilities passed to e-gold, Ltd. The operator of the e-gold payment system is G&SR, Inc. The company also offers the OmniPay service, its own set of hybrid currency exchange services.

Official site: e-gold.com

In the past e-Gold was an excellent payment system, but this was far back in the past. The system is dead and will never revive.
31 May `10 Ingles Comments 0
After mass blocking of user accounts I do not use this system anymore, and do not recommend anyone to use it.
30 Dec `08 Ulrich Comments 0

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