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Dealing Centers (FOREX): Alpari

Alpari Reviews- Alpari Forex Trade
The main goal of the Alpari Group is delivery of organizational-level trading services to all its clients which may be institutional or individual retail investors.

The company achieves its goal by provision of low-cost trading, advanced proprietary technology, security of clients’ assets, regulation, various market research tools, high quality customer service and comprehensive educational programs. The Alpari Group seeks to become the leading global Forex broker in relation to volume and number of accounts within two years. For such purpose it is ready to offer a wide range of financial instruments and comprehensive services of asset management.

Official site: alpari.com

Awful technical support!!! I could not enter my personal account, though I enter password correctly, I even tried to copy it - nothing. I had to wait for them in the chat for a very long time, and they did not answer me at all. I decided to call them, and I had the impression that they don’t care about problems of their clients, or their employees are very inexperienced. I explained the situation to them, and they didn’t say anything concrete. And the problem was solved by itself, I had a system failure.
Peter 14 Nov `09