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E-Currency Exchangers: eCardOne

eCardOne Reviews- eCardOne Currency Exchange

eCardone is a financial company authorized to exchange, trade, purchase and sell web currencies and web gold currencies online. The eCardOne’s entry was included into the Panamanian Business Register.

eCardone is one of the biggest e-currency exchange providers. It keeps the lowest exchange rates for a long term and has the minimum number of user complaint. eCardOne stimulates the market setting fluctuating rates in of web currency exchange and providing the opportunity of instant web currency exchange or speculating on costs of web currency. eCardOne is the first official Liberty Reserve retailer in order to support small exchangers. The beginner exchangers are provided with the lowest retail price for purchasing and selling of Liberty Reserve for the further discovery of their market and growth. At the present moment eCardOne prepares an offshore banking system. It will be meant for customers and merchants which wish to pay invoices and keep money offshore, as well as perform exchange of web currencies instantly.

Official site: www.ecardone.com

Martin 07 Jul `10