About service

e-Cash is a non-profit-making internet-resource which does not cooperate with advertisers and e-commerce resources. It is impossible to buy the rating, as it is formed basing on the reasonable customer feedback.The project exists solely in the interest of consumers.

Our principal aim is to give you the possibility of receiving an objective assessment of a financial company and to secure your choice as much as possible.

e-Cash.org is:

  • A fully independent resource
  • The fullest catalogue of companies
  • Objective rating formed basing on your reports
  • Possibility of adding of a new company (after registration)
  • Possibility of expressing of opinion on any company (after registration)

Have you been cheated? Or do you have to say something positive about a certain company? Feel free! Tell everyone about it!

Join us! Help other people like you not to burn their finger while choosing a financial partner.

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