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Payment Systems: PayPal Reviews

PayPal Reviews- PayPal Payment Service
Paypal Reviews- PayPal is the safest and fastest online payment system. PayPal allows transferring of funds without sharing financial data. Member can pay via their credit cards, bank accounts, account balances, or promotional financing. Global commerce is conducted with 24 currencies, and over 80 million accounts in 190 markets. The service is owned by ebay.

Paypal Feedback- It includes the following online payment services: the Payflow Gateway, the PayPal global payment service and Bill Me Later. The open payment platform PayPal X allows developing of newest payment applications on various devices and platforms. See more details at PayPal.com. You can find the Paypal customer service reviews, Paypal system feedback and Paypal reviews here with E-cash.

Official site: www.paypal.com

Paypal is making it so easy to open an account and to receive money immediately. They froze my account because they needed to verify some information. They have asked me to send them all kind of proof and each time it took a few days to review my submitted documents. In the meantime, I had $1000 sitting on my account which I could not access!! PayPal, why are you not verifying those account information prior making it possible for customers to receive money on their accounts??? Wouldn it make more sense to ask me questions and the documents and proof you supposedly need FIRST and then enable my account for receiving money??? I do not understand this logic! My account has been disabled for 180 days right after I signed up for this account. My suggestion to PayPal, you should have a 24-48 hour period on new accounts before accepting money!!! While Im being frustrated here, you are earning interest on my money!! Well, done!! I understand that there is no way for me to speed up the process on your end, Paypal! But as a customer service representative myself, where we offer PayPal as a payment option, I will never ever suggest PayPal as a reliable payment method. This is what I can do on my end and there is nothing you can do about that!
13 Apr `12 Seval Comments 0
THEY STOLE MY MONEY! I have a small business that I take payments from my website through PayPal. Last week I was sent an email out of nowhere that my account now has "Limited Access" and it is unremoveable. This means that they have locked my account for 6 months and I am unable to remove any money from it. According to PayPal I am "Linked" to this mysterious other account or accounts and that is why. They refuse to tell me what account or who owns them or how I even got flagged as "linked" I have spoken to "Level 3 Limited Access" support and their manager and supposedly there is no one else I can speak too. I have $1300 tied up in my account that I needed for this week as I am moving my mom from Florida to New York and I need the money to help pay for the moving truck and gas. I already have my plane ticket bought for the ride back as well. This is a great inconvenience and complete BS as I am the only person I know that uses Paypal. If you want to one day be locked out of your money for 6 months for no reason and told "Sorry, nothing we can do" then I highly recommend this company.. If you like having access to your money then I would go somewhere else.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I keep all of my finances tight and clean and this is an INSULT.
23 May `11 Tony Comments 0

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